Important Elements on a Commercial Kitchen Design

Commercial kitchen design isn’t all about grills, fryers, and angry chef yelling at his/her subordinate similar to what you see on a TV. But, the true elements of a commercial kitchen design lays on the basic such as cleanliness, accessibility, and preparations. With the optimum performance, the food produced in the kitchen will be better.

Pay full attention to washing and cleaning

Appliances for cleaning and washing in the kitchen are ware washing machines, sinks, and drying racks. The ware washing machines are important to get clean plates and other serving vessels, resulting in a faster work routine. The three-compartment sinks are necessary so you can wash the utensils separately based on the usage. An optimum cleaning post should be near the entrance of the kitchen and near the storage area. With this placement, the server can drop the dirty dishes quickly and the chef knows where to get a clean plate.

Have proper storage units

A proper storage unit should be divided into three main categories, which is a non-food, cold, and dry storage. The non-food storage can be further divided into three section. They are cleaning supplies section, disposable products, and clean dishes from the cleaning and washing area. To avoid contamination, it is important to avoid cleaning and sanitation chemicals stored near food, dishes, disposables, food equipment, and both kitchen and cooking utensils.

As for the cold storage, it is a place where you keep everything that needs to be frozen or refrigerated. The dry storage is a place for other consumables and non-perishables. You can use this area as the inventory shipment to cut the distance for delivering the new stock into the restaurant.

The importance of food preparation

There are several standards need to be met on a preparing area such as mixing, cutting, and washing produce area. Commonly, the food preparing area can be divided into raw food and batch food preparation. Raw food preparation includes cutting raw meat, pork, or fish while batch food preparation includes chopping vegetables and mixing salad. To keep the prepared food fresh, it is wise to place the preparation area near the storage area so the ingredients can be freshly picked.

Meal area should be the priority

Meal area or meal cooking area is the most important part of a commercial kitchen. This is the place where you finish the food, so there will be equipment such as ranges, fryers, and ovens. This area can be divided into several sections such as grilling, baking, and frying depends on the need of your restaurant. This area should be near the serving area so the waiter can grab the food quickly into the serving area.

Service area for ready-to-eat meals

If the food is ready, then it will be moved into the service area. The staff will pick the finished food and give it to the customers. If the restaurant uses a buffet style, then the service area is where the food is displayed in a warm condition and ready to be picked by the customers. Placing this area at the very front of your kitchen will make the food easier to be picked by either the waiter or the customer. A good commercial kitchen design should at least have these six important elements on it.

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