6 Tips to Make Beautiful Kitchen Designs

The standard of beautiful kitchen designs might be different from one to another. However, there are several steps you can apply to create a beautiful vibe in your kitchen. In this article, we are going to show you how.

Remove wasted steps

When designing a kitchen, you must think about where and how you use the items in this room. For example, you can store the bowls and breakfast supplies close to the breakfast table. Keep the plastic containers and wraps in one spot that comes in handy when you need to wrap the leftovers. Locating the flatware and dishware near the dishwasher will be a thoughtful move since it will help you during the unloading process.

Create a wide walkway

To maintain the ergonomic in the kitchen, you must let at least 75 cm for the width of walkways. The path in the cooking zone must be at least 80 cm wide for the kitchen with one-cook style and 90 cm wide if the configuration involves two-cook. If you want to add an island in it, make sure you adjust the peninsula and the island accordingly.

Direct traffic

If you have kids in your household, you really need to consider the kid-friendly kitchen in the planning. You can make the cooktop stay away from the traffic area so the kids would not catch the handles or cause the spills when they are running through it. Other than that, make sure the refrigerator is easily accessed by both the cooker and the passerby.

Clear the corner

You can make the cabinet fully functioned after all. But first of all, you may need to make a plan space so you can clear the door and manage the swing direction. The appliances may not be in the corner of your kitchen. Other than that, make sure the door would not bang into each other when you open them at the same time.

Buy the right height for the microwave

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It may sound so small and unimportant but buying the microwave in the right height will allow you to decide the location to install it. For adults, locating the microwave 38 cm above the level of countertop is the good height. But if you also expect your kids will use it, you can locate your microwave under the countertop. Besides safer, it fits your kid.

Consider the countertop

So, there are people who need more space of counter to prepare big meals and there are also people who rarely prepare complicated meals. If you love to cook then you need a wider space between the sink and range. Meanwhile, if you only cook for a simple meal then that space is not too necessary for you.

Other than that, if you want to involve your kids during the meal preparation, you can make two different heights on the countertop. It will make the baking process easier and your kids could be involved during the process. The style of your kitchen will depend on your taste and preference. But these tips could help you to optimize your beautiful kitchen designs.

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